Strategic real estate management for the public sector in Europe.

Our mission is to elevate the standards of the real estate sector through strategic real estate management, pioneer sustainable development in the built environment, and redefine strategic consultancy within the real estate industry.


-palvelumme palvelee kiinteistöjen ylläpidosta investointeihin ja hankkeisiin sekä niiden projektijohtamiseen.

Kiinteistöpäällikkö-palvelumme huolehtii siitä, että kiinteistösi ovat terveellisiä, turvallisia ja tarkoituksenmukaisia.

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Corporate Real Estate Strategies

In a corporate real estate strategy, a current state description of the property portfolio and operating environment, including their changes, is created. The real estate strategy sets goals for the future property portfolio. Additionally, the real estate strategy outlines specific action steps on how the organization will achieve its objectives during the designated real estate strategy period.

Scenario Analysis

In the first section of the scenario analysis of operational alternatives, the customer’s initial situation is described, including activities, goals, and the operating environment. The second section creates a comprehensive description of alternative action solutions considering changes in the operating environment. The third section compares the effects of alternative scenarios, considering aspects such as benefits, risks, costs, and returns. Scenario analysis answers the question of which option it would be appropriate for the customer to proceed with.

Kiinteistötalouden vaikuttavuusarviointi

Real Estate Financial Impact Assessment

Real estate financial impact assessment examines the financial and operational effects of organizational operational alternatives. Thus, it looks at the relationship between the organizational operational goals and specific measures. Impact assessment can be conducted for individual properties and premises or for the entire real estate portfolio.

Real Estate Technical Needs Planning

The aim of a real estate technical needs planning is to form an impartial overview of the property and to identify any repair and condition survey needs of the building.

Customer experiences

”As a small organization, it’s not feasible for us to handle all tasks internally. Our collaboration with FinProma Ltd. went exceptionally well from the beginning; they delivered a high-quality real estate strategy within the agreed-upon timeframe. We quickly aligned on the content of the strategy, and I was kept informed throughout the project. This made it easy for me to trust that we would receive a strategically sound real estate plan that we can leverage in the coming years.”

Niko Kujala, Building Engineer, City of Kaskinen

”Agile and innovative operating model. I recommend FinProma Ltd.”

Timo Kumpunen, Urjala Parish

”We ordered a targeted survey related to the strategy from FinProma Ltd. as a basis for our administrative body’s decision-making. The report we received, along with its presentations, was clear and concrete. The report met our needs well and received much praise from the council members. I can recommend the services of FinProma Ltd.!”

Timo Vettenranta, Financial Manager

About Us

We help our clients to achieve their goals in a changing operating environment. We provide collaboratively built strategic solutions and support their implementation in practical projects, taking into account the operational, financial, and technical aspects of real estate and premises.

Our aim is to embark on a shared journey with our clients from the strategic level to practical implementation.

Our journey begins with identifying our client’s strategic goals. Together, we examine our client’s operations and operating environment. We collaboratively develop strategic milestones that support our client’s goals and describe alternative scenarios that align with the future. Once goals, operations, the operating environment, and strategic milestones are defined, we actively assist our clients in implementing projects aimed at achieving their objectives.

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